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The Chiarelli Family Legacy

Dear Editor: As many of you know, Chiarelli’s Religious Goods has called its Brooklyn location “home” for over 78 years. This store and its location have an abundance of memories for me. It has connected me to my customers, to my faith and to my own family history.

It is of this store that my grandparents, Virginia and Nicholas, immigrants who came to America in the 1920s, had a dream. Their store began in 1938 as a card and gift shop. Eventually, their strong faith and love of religious articles inspired them to transform the shop into a religious goods store.

After my grandparents’ passing, my father, John, and his sister, Anita, continued to follow my grandparents’ dream. Anyone who knew my father always felt his magnanimous personality, his strong commitment to the Catholic community and his kind and generous spirit. Customers trusted my father and he continued to build the business on compassion, devotion to faith and embracing all who walked through the doors.

After my father’s untimely death, I dedicated myself to continuing my grandparents’ and father’s dream. Over the last 35 years, I have committed myself to preserving the welcoming atmosphere that always has been a tradition of our store. It was in this store that I met my wife, Phyllis. It was in this store that I worked long hours when my sons were young. It was in this store that I met the numerous wonderful people who have placed their trust in my staff and me.

Consequently, it is with great sadness, but also great enthusiasm that I announce that Chiarelli’s Religious Goods will be moving to a new location.

Our new location, which is in New Hyde Park, L.I., will allow the Chiarelli team to support our customers more efficiently. With my two sons, Frank and John, and with a dedicated long-term staff, this new location will provide all of our old and new customers with continued excellent service, an improved shopping experience and a location that will be easily accessible and convenient.

As the announcement of our relocation has reached many of my long-term customers and friends, I want to thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories with me. I encourage you to continue to share them. They are memories that have played an important role in our history and we want to preserve them.

I am so grateful to all of my customers who have supported our business and contributed to making Chiarelli’s Religious Goods an enjoyable place to shop, as well as to work. I am blessed to have you in my life. I look forward to continuing our relationships and making new memories at our new location.


City Line

One thought on “The Chiarelli Family Legacy

  1. This is wonderful news. It is the perfect area for such a store. I enjoyed seeing old Brooklyn when I visited your store but it is ridiculously crowded with no parking or clientle. Best of luck and we will see you soon. What is the exact address?