Letters to the Editor

The Amazing Msgr. Feldhaus!

Dear Editor: Thank you for your extensive coverage (July 18) of the 95th birthday of Msgr. Eugene Feldhaus. I was touched by the family inviting a few of his former students to the small party. If they had ever tried inviting all of his former students, they would have had to rent the Barclay Center to hold all of those who would have come from across the country to pay tribute to this amazing and, yes, really tough college English teacher and true model priest for us all… and by the way a great handball coach who led Cathedral to a number of city championships and a pretty good tennis player as well, who put up with my dad as they tried to beat me and a fellow seminarian several times!

Perhaps many of your readers do not know that in 1959 (I believe), Father Feldhaus suffered a serious heart attack in his mid-30s … and here he is at 95! Right after the heart attack, he taught my freshman English class and had us read 51 novels and plays in one year. That was just a warm-up for sophomore year!



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