Letters to the Editor

Thanks in Bath Beach

Dear Editor: I wish to publicly thank all those who searched for my dear wife, Mary Joyce Bonsignore, whose story you covered.

The police, parish volunteers, and the Knights of Columbus organized by Father Michael Gelfant, pastor of St. Finbar’s, did everything possible to find her.

Her last moments were terrible as she was trapped alone on a rooftop where she died of exposure. I’m consoled by the thought that this was her purgatory suffered on Earth preceding her immediate entry to Heaven. We both believed that Jesus was God’s wounded warrior who died that we may have eternal life.

I particularly ask for understanding by Father Gelfant and the parishioners of St. Finbar’s for having her funeral Mass at St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Ridge where we were married. She was devoted to St. Patrick and all things Irish.

Robert J. Bonsignore

Bath Beach

Dear Editor: Kudos to the parishioners of St. Finbar parish, the Knights of Columbus, and the other agencies involved in the search for their missing parishioner, Mary Joyce Bonsignore.

So many followed Mary’s story with faith and hope for a good outcome on our local TV station, Currents, and The Tablet.  I would like to give special recognition to Father Michael Louis Gelfant, for his devotion to Mrs. Bonsignore, her family, and all the parishioners of St. Finbar.

Since becoming the pastor of St. Finbar in June 2010, the parish has become one of the most “active and alive” parishes in our Diocese. The Mass attendance has grown greatly, the CCD program has reached capacity, the RCIA program is thriving and the youth program is going strong. The church and the church property have been restored to grandeur, amongst other accomplishments by Father Gelfant, his enthusiastic staff and parishioners.

I first met Father Gelfant in 1994 when he was in the RCIA program at Our Lady of Miracles parish in Canarsie. I am so proud of him! May God bless him, his loyal, hardworking staff and all the parishioners of St. Finbar.

Carol Polanish