Workers Justice Project a Voice for Delivery Workers

Life as a food delivery man in New York City is anything but easy. Any one of them can recite a litany of concerns from road safety to the theft of their expensive e-bikes. In addition, lack of access to a restroom all day “is a big problem for us right now,” one worker said. Brooklyn-based Workers Justice Project believes they deserve a voice and aims to speak up for them.

Court Ruling on DACA Hailed by Immigrant Rights Advocates

A ruling issued by a Brooklyn federal judge ordering the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to cease its efforts to chip away at DACA is being hailed by immigrant rights advocates in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Immigrant Workers Exploited During Pandemic, Group Says

Wage theft has increased since March when the COVID-19 took hold of the U.S. economy, the Worker’s Justice Project reports. Before then, WJP saw about four instances of wage theft per week. In recent weeks, however, the weekly average has grown to 11.