Six Months After Tragedy, City Regroups with Eyes on Faith

Viewers of a Wisconsin TV news report on Easter Sunday evening saw Catholics testify to the power of faith and community — not only as Mass attendees but as people recovering from the parade tragedy that struck the city of Waukesha six months ago.

Wisconsin Catholic Conference Decries Two New ‘Clergy’ Bills

The lobbying group that represents the Catholic Church in Wisconsin is speaking out against two bills in the state, including one that would force clergy members to violate the seal of confession and one that would lift the statute of limitations on reporting alleged abuse by clergy.

Marquette University Seeks to ‘Help People Heal’ From Trauma

Responding to trauma has become something of a vocation for Dr. Mike Lovell, an engineer turned university president, who in recent years has unexpectedly made trauma care a centerpiece of his professional life, despite having no background in it.