Ukrainian Archbishop Assures People That God Is With Them

As Russia fired missiles on several Ukrainian cities and Russian troops reportedly landed in Odessa, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church affirmed the right of Ukrainians to defend their homeland and assured his people that God would watch over them.


Archbishop Says Russia Fears Ukrainian Democracy

Even as U.S. diplomats flee Ukraine amid the looming threat of a Russian invasion, Archbishop Borys Gudziak plans to follow through on a pre-planned trip and touch down in the Eastern European nation by week’s end.


Church Leaders Call Attention to Ethiopia as Troops Approach Capital

One year into the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, Father Joseph Mussie Zerai is urging the international community to accelerate efforts to stop any risk of ethnic cleansing, avoid balkanization of Ethiopia and stop a food catastrophe underway.

In Hawaii, a Lesson Learned About Possibility of War

Bob Golden had a very successful business career as an executive with Prudential. Although he is now retired, he continues to be a major benefactor for diocesan charities. For instance, his support for The Cathedral Club of Brooklyn is evident by his presence each year at the annual fund-raising dinner.

Pope Says World Is at War But It Is Not Religious

An economy that focuses on the God of money, not human beings, is the foundation of terrorism, Pope Francis said. Speaking to journalists aboard his return flight from Krakow, Poland, July 31, the pope also stressed that violence exists in all religions, including Catholicism, and it cannot be pinned to one single religion.