Colorado, Louisiana Voters to Decide on Abortion Measures Nov. 3

Abortion is on the ballot in two states Nov. 3: Colorado and Louisiana. In Colorado, Proposition 115 would ban abortion beginning at 22 weeks of pregnancy. The measure includes exceptions to save the life of the pregnant woman but not for instances of rape or incest.

Now It’s Time to Vote

Dear Editor: Some years ago, my colleague Louis Bolce and I published an article entitled “Our Secularist Democratic Party,” using survey and poll data documenting the drift toward secularism of the Democratic Party. The trend has only been accelerated in recent years.

A Duty to Vote

This election season can’t end early enough. It seems like it has been going on forever and that almost every second of it has been a nasty affair. As we have written in these editorials several times, neither candidate has values and policy which can be considered in complete accord with our Catholic social teachings. Both candidates have also exhibited serious character flaws, which can cause the voter to truly question whether or not either is fit for the office of the President of the United States.

Rosary Guides Voters

Dear Editor: The November election is fast moving and will be here shortly. Our world, our Church, our country and our dignity as a person are under attack by the forces of Satan and his minions