Dream of ‘Synodality’ is a Fruit of Vatican II, Cardinal Writes

While the term “synodality” is not found in any of the 16 documents of the Second Vatican Council, the council’s vision and definition of the church is at the heart of what synodality is, said Cardinal Mario Grech, secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops.


Vatican Answers Questions on Limits Regarding Pre-Vatican II Mass

Responding to 11 questions it said had been raised about Pope Francis’ document restricting celebrations of the pre-Vatican II Mass, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments offered a few concessions to bishops but insisted the entire Latin-rite Catholic Church must move toward celebrating only one form of the Mass and sacraments.

Diverting Church Attention

The Tablet (“He’s Not Turning His Back to the People,” Sept. 3) revealed that Cardinal R. Sarah proposed a return to orientation whereby, priest and laity face the altar during Liturgy of the Eucharist. This adds to the existing litany of post-Vatican II objections. Such issues have generated acrimonious debates and even schism.

Influence and Interpretations of Vatican II

“The Long Shadow of Vatican II,” a collection of five essays by five different experts, examines the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council and how its shadow still hovers over the Church 50 years later.

Francis’ Speech at UN Will Be Fifth by a Pope

Pope Francis’ three predecessors who spoke to the General Assembly – Blessed Paul VI, St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI – addressed issues reflecting the great social and political challenges of their era.

Church in Cuba Has Been in Survival Mode

As the Catholic Church opened the Second Vatican Council in 1962, addressing and changing the Church’s relationship with the modern world, the church on the island of Cuba was entering a period of mere survival.

An Oasis of Mercy

Last April 11, at First Vespers of Divine Mercy Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter), Pope Francis presented the Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee of Mercy, entitled “Misericordiae Vultus” or “The Face of Mercy.”