The Black Sheep In the Crèche

Every Christmas in my parish, we change the theme of our crèche decoration. The proposed theme for this year of the National Eucharistic Revival is “Bethlehem, the house of bread.” 

Church’s Decisions On Governance

To carry out the pastoral care for her faithful, the Church, out of necessity, must make decisions around the clock. Matters and concerns to be decided upon in church governance are innumerable, extremely diverse and wide-ranging. This is so because the Church is truly a complex reality, as Lumen gentium, n. 8 reminds us. 

The Silence of the Sanctuary Lamp

The sanctuary lamp, hanging near the tabernacle and glowing subtle flickers, is a silent assurance of faith that our Lord is present in the Blessed Sacrament.

Safekeeping of the Tabernacle Key

The safety and protection of tabernacles where the presence of our Lord is real in the form of the consecrated host is a matter of supreme importance.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Due Care & Safety Of Tabernacles

The Church asserts that there has always been due diligence exercised as to her responsibility in giving precautions for the care and security of the reservation of the Holy Eucharist in tabernacles.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Reform History of The Roman Curia

As Catholics, the reform of the Roman Curia is a hot topic at the moment. As of June 5, 2022, the solemnity of the Pentecost, the new apostolic constitution, Praedicate Evangelium (Preach the Gospel), for the reform of the Roman Curia, is now in effect.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

History of Reforms In the Roman Curia

The news was heard far back: Pope Francis was to reform the Roman Curia! From the beginning of his pontificate, the reformation project appears to be primordial in his to-do list. Rightly so, because in the last years of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, the need for reform became more evident by controversies one after another.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Lies Against the Truth Of the Resurrection

Even the Bible contains stories of falsehoods. We can find one in the gospel of Matthew against the truth of the resurrection. Accordingly, the guards of the sepulcher where the body of Jesus was laid reported to the chief priests who assembled with the elders and took counsel.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Can We Drink Holy Water?

This question came up when a parishioner approached me to bless a bottle of water for her. Requests like this would seem to be pious, innocent, and not polemical. Hence, in most cases, bottled water would just be blessed without questions asked.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Can Marriage Vows Be Renewed?

Three years after their wedding, a couple was navigating through rough waters in their marriage. Several small breakups happened here and there. The last separation was a long three months. Then, they finally decided to start all over again as husband and wife. They wanted to renew their wedding vows and so they approached the same priest who had solemnized their marriage.