Ukraine Conflict a Global Threat, U.S. Archbishop Warns

With Russia building up its troops on the border with Ukraine, Archbishop Borys Gudziak, the current head of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, is warning the conflict is not only a threat for the region, but for the world.

Why Ukraine Church’s Drive for Independence Matters to Rome

It would be tragic if, now that Ukraine appears to be on the brink of finally achieving a hard-won degree of independence, that achievement were to be marred by perceptions that it, too, was achieved with the help of force and political collusion.

George Weigel

A Sordid Anniversary, To Be Remembered

The crucial moment in this calculated aggression came 70 years ago, on March 8-10, 1946, in Lviv, Ukraine. There, after more than a year of secret police coercion, a non-canonical “council” (or “Sobor”) of Ukrainian Greek Catholic clergy “voted” (without discussion and by a “spontaneous” show of hands) to abrogate the 1596 Union of Brest that had brought their Church into full communion with Rome. Not a single Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishop was present.

George Weigel

Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Heroes

Ever since the Maidan revolution of dignity, Russian propaganda has been pumped into the world in a steady stream. Most unfortunately, it has too often misrepresented what the Kremlin is up to in Ukraine while slandering Ukraine’s Greek Catholic leaders.

George Weigel

Ukraine: A Country at The Crossroads

When Ukraine celebrated Christmas two weeks ago, there were ample reasons for pessimism about that long-suffering country’s future.