Turkey’s Initial Earthquake Response Hindered by Censorship

As the initial rescue work in Turkey and Syria shifts to recovery and clean up following the Feb. 6 earthquakes that killed more than 41,000 people, many are criticizing the Turkish government not only for its unsafe buildings but also for its lack of a coordinated rescue response that included a 12-hour shutdown of Twitter. 

Priests, Parishes Unite to Aid Local Families Affected by Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Unimaginable images of a father holding onto his teenage daughter’s hand as she lay dead under a collapsed building and babies being pulled from the rubble of an earthquake that devastated parts of Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6 hit especially close to home for families in Brooklyn and Queens with relatives in the ravaged region.

Family Killed in Earthquake Mourned at Queens Parish

As grieving Queens faithful mourned the loss of a local family killed in the earthquake that ravaged Turkey and Syria earlier this week, the pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows counseled them to “not lose the horizon of life.”  

Murder of Syrian Politician Highlights Risk for Minorities

When Hevrin Khalaf, a young Syrian politician and advocate on behalf of women and religious and ethnic minorities in Kurdistan, was murdered by a Turkish-backed fringe group on Saturday amid Turkey’s new offensive in Syria, her death sparked outcry from around the world.