Off the Markey

Queens Assemblywoman Slanders Bishop; Catholic League Calls for Her Resignation. Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League, fired back at the Daily News. He accused them of “slamming the Catholic Church. But this time they really did themselves in: They floated a front-page story by a notorious anti-Catholic bigot accusing a local bishop of bribery.”

Common Sense Makes Little Sense to Some

In his remarks about the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the pope is not justifying killing someone who insults one’s faith, but he is saying that no one has the right to insult another’s religion and if they do so, they are going to provoke a reaction.

Catholic League Cites Threats to Christianity

In a statement issued by The Catholic League, its president, Bill Donohue, says that militant secularism at home and militant Islam abroad are the two greatest threats to Catholicism today. More Martyrs Today He quotes Pope Francis’ daily Mass homily in which he said, “There are more Christian martyrs today than during the early days […]