Viral Abortion Video Draws Pro-Life Outrage

TikTok, a short-form video-sharing platform that is used by millions, is under fire for a video that went viral showing a pregnant girl laughing and dancing at a Planned Parenthood in California.

Bridge to Life Needs Help to Move

The Bridge to Life is a nonprofit that depends on donations. It is trying to help save the lives of the unborn in a city that’s unofficially the abortion capital of world.

Abandoned Baby Monica Mourned at Funeral at OLPH

NYPD officers escorted the funeral hearse as it slowly rolled up to the Basilica of Our Lady of PerpetualHelp, Sunset Park, on June 29. It was the final farewell to a baby who was abandoned and found dead earlier this year.

More Support for Life

Thank you for the recent editorial about the good works of The Bridge to Life, Inc.

Life Support

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was the honoree at The Bridge to Life’s 25th annual gala luncheon.

Queens Group Provides The Bridge to Life

Most people hurry inside. They have already made their decision. It wasn’t the early summer hot spell that slowed 25-year-old Nakia Henry down that June morning, nor was it the slight morning sickness. She had done this before, but this time, just being outside the abortion clinic in Jamaica felt wrong.