St. Andrew Avellino Church Synod Process is Already Bearing Fruit

The synod process has only recently been completed at churches in the Diocese of Brooklyn, but it’s already bearing fruit at St. Andrew of Avellino Church in Flushing, as the parish administrator is taking action to show parishioners that he is taking their ideas seriously.

Catholics With Disabilities Share Their Vision of a Synodal Church

Catholics with disabilities can be and want to be active members of the church and missionary disciples, but that will require fighting discrimination, exclusion and paternalism, participants told an online listening session for the Synod of Bishops.

First Synod Results Show Need to Reach Youth, Marginalized

Key findings cited in the first U.S. diocesan synod report available for public consumption highlight a strong desire from parishioners for the Church to better reach out to the marginalized. There were calls for more transparency, more consistency in moral teaching, and a focus on the “critical” need to re-engage youth and young adults in the faith.