May We Become Better Witnesses to God’s Love

Growing up in an open adoption allowed me to spend time with my natural family who lived not too far away from our house. When school was out, I would sometimes stay with my birth family and get to know my three brothers.

Summer a Good Time to Reflect On God’s Goodness

In my last article, I wrote about the Gospel’s special place in my heart as the reading at my ordination. Today’s Gospel holds a similar place in my heart, but for a very different reason. I was ordained June 7th, and on August 4th, the memorial of St. John Vianney, patron of priests, my first pastor died.

Live Life in Adoration of The One Who Chose Us

You are still chosen. You are worthwhile. You may not be aware of it, or you may be wondering what specific purpose God has for you. You might even believe that you have squandered it by your sinfulness, but (spoiler alert) even Darth Vader had some good in him. Now is not too late.

A Reminder That ‘Freedom Isn’t Free’

As a student in our college seminary, I often walked by a Department of Sanitation depot located on the way to the nearest bus stop. I began my priestly formation in the fall of the year 2000, and a year later, terrified with the rest of my city, sought hope. Oddly enough it was the Department of Sanitation that provided me with a phrase I had never heard before but instantly loved: “Freedom isn’t free.”

Bringing Comfort to This Hurting World We Live In

A year of lost hugs! Virtual hugs aren’t the same, just as watching the Food Network on television won’t ever be as satisfying as the first bite of a crisp, juicy apple. A hug shared with a grandparent, a handshake with a friend, even an elbow bump with a neighbor: how powerful a simple touch can be!

The Power of Divine Love: A Formidable Force

Awesome as this surely is, God’s definitive answer to Job and to all the raging storms of human suffering is the most paradoxical display of divine might, of power that is made perfect in weakness. It is about this power that Paul writes to the Corinthians in Sunday’s second reading.

The Kingdom of God Starts Small

Yes, like the mustard seed, the kingdom of God starts small. So too does the Church, the community of those who put their trust in Jesus, which began as the smallest of seeds, through God’s abundant grace now puts forth large branches under whose generous shade many can take shelter.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Among the perks that come with teaching, researching, and writing about the Bible (in addition to the surpassing blessing that is the study of the Word of God), is the opportunity to learn from and with so many brilliant colleagues in biblical studies and theology. I deeply appreciate the scholarship of fellow Catholics, Christians from many other faith communities, and Jewish colleagues as well.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

We celebrate this weekend one of the greatest mysteries of our Christian faith. There have been many theologians who tried to give eloquent explanations about the Blessed Trinity. But like the saying goes, “answers lead to more questions.” We can only really appreciate this with the “eyes of faith.”

Conflict an Opportunity For God’s Grace to be Victorious

In the past couple of weeks, we also heard at weekday Mass readings how the apostles dealt with the tension emerging between Hebrews and Greeks. They addressed the situation immediately before it festered and took root. The conversations were not easy and maybe even brutal but because they engaged it with the desire to stay united in love, they were able to bring peace.