Bishop of Steubenville Says All Options ‘On the Table’ for Future of Diocese

Months after Bishop Jeffrey Monforton announced his desire for the Diocese of Steubenville in Ohio to merge with the Diocese of Columbus, causing a stir that resulted in the canceling of a U.S. bishops’ vote on the idea, he says every option is still on the table but by no means is a merger inevitable.

Thousands Ignite Their Faith at Steubenville Youth Conference

Wearing the same blue and white miter and matching vestments from his trip to World Youth Day in Panama in January, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio expressed his gratitude and prayers for the thousands of young men and women attending the fifth annual Steubenville Youth Conference, which was hosted by Life Teen youth ministry and the Brooklyn Diocese.

Steubenville NYC

In the midst of all the noise surrounding teenagers – from the virtual world of cellphones and technology, as noted by Pope Francis, to even the physical, saturated noise within the confines of New York City – the Steubenville NYC youth conference made its way once again to St. John’s University, Jamaica, July 20-22. Carnesecca Arena was filled to near-capacity with thousands of high school students from the tri-state area.