Stigmata of St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi’s reception of the stigmata, the wounds of Christ, at La Verna in Italy and its depiction by artists beginning in the 15th century is the focus of a National Gallery of Art exhibit.

Missing Monstrance Took R Train

The strange and curious mystery of the monstrance found on the R train in Bay Ridge on Tuesday morning, Jan. 2, has been solved.

Statue of St. Francis Is Back with the Brothers

On Oct. 4, the St. Francis Prep community, Fresh Meadows, will celebrate the feast day of the school’s patron saint, and mark the return of a statue of St. Francis of Assisi that was part of the school’s first campus on Butler St. in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Francis of Assisi: A Saint for Everyone

Three renditions of St. Francis of Assisi by AnnaMarie Prono. Watercolor and ink were used to create the likenesses at left and above, while the depiction of the saint holding a cross and dove is acrylic on wood.

Encyclical Has Franciscan Title

ROME (CNS) – “Laudato Si,” the title Pope Francis chose for his encyclical on the environment, comes from a hymn of praise by St. Francis of Assisi that emphasizes being in harmony with God, with other creatures and with other human beings, said the head of the Franciscan order. Sitting under towering trees, surrounded by […]

St. Francis Prep Students Peek at Patron Saint’s Note

Students, faculty, and staff from St. Francis Prep had the opportunity to reconnect with a profound part of their past: a collection of nearly 800-year-old documents that relate to St. Francis of Assisi.