Ukrainian Refugee Family Taken in by Queens Parish Adjusts to New Lives

About a month ago, Eugene and Elizabeth Desyuk lived under the sounds of emergency sirens and slept in the corridor or basement of their Ukrainian home, fearful of an attack from Russian forces. On Monday, they were learning the alphabet and playing with toys alongside their new classmates at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy.

Love Is in the Air: Churches See Sharp Rise In Weddings

Another weekend in New York City means another engagement proposal photo shoot for Queens-based photographer Aj Tolentino, who has no complaints about the business that has come his way during the pandemic.

St. Francis de Sales School Spreading the Good News

When I first became Principal of St. Francis de Sales Parish school in 2013, I took a few days to read about our school patron saint, St. Francis de Sales, and was surprised to discover that he was the patron saint of journalists.

Diocese Bucks Enrollment Trend

Even as enrollment in Catholic schools has declined nationwide, the Diocese of Brooklyn continues to see positive enrollment numbers in its schools. Registration within the diocese’s parish schools and Catholic academies has jumped 1,500 students compared to this time last year.