Nigerians Here Say They Identify With The Flight of the Holy Family

The Diocese of Brooklyn’s annual celebration of the flight of the Holy Family, a tradition in the Nigerian American community here, took on an added significance this year as participants worried about troubling developments in their home country.

Nigerians Celebrate Holy Family’s Flight

The Nigerian Igbo community at St. Fortunata, East New York, celebrated the parish’s annual remembrance of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt last weekend.

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Nigerians See Flight Into Egypt as Journey of Life

A historical route that spanned more than a thousand miles from Bethlehem into Egypt – or relatively speaking, from Missouri to Manhattan – was one taken by the Holy Family thousands of years ago.

Flight of the Holy Family

The Nigerian Igbo Community at St. Fortunata Church, East New York, will host a Remembrance of the Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt, April 23 at the 1:30 p.m. Mass. Celebrant: Bishop Guy Sansaricq.

Saying ‘I Do’ Again

Having survived a total of 3,335 years of marriage, couples from throughout the diocese made a public commitment April 23 before God and the Church.