Poll: Catholics Don’t Prioritize Sharing Faith With Their Children

Donna Incorvaia grew up in a Catholic home where religion was part of her everyday life. She is now doing her best to pass her faith down to her three sons. But people like Incorvaia are becoming rare if the findings of a Pew Research Center survey are to be believed.

One Man’s Generosity Makes Mark at St. Bernard

Several months ago, Jimmy Wagner, a lawyer, donated money to St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish in Mill Basin and told the pastor, Msgr. Joseph Grimaldi, to use it as the church saw fit. The parish chose to commission a statue of the Holy Family.

St. Bernard’s Takes ‘Note’ of Catechists On a Special Sunday

Teaching the Catholic faith isn’t just the responsibility of priests. Lay persons play an important role, too. It was in that spirit that the Diocese of Brooklyn marked Catechetical Sunday on Sept. 18 with priests blessing their catechists at Mass to start off a new year of religious education programs.