Pope Francis Pops by His Favorite Record Store to Say ‘Hello’

Pope Francis took an evening ride in a white Fiat 500 to visit a record store he used to go to when in Rome as a cardinal. Letizia Giostra, the store owner, told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the surprise visit Jan. 11 was “an immense thrill.”


At World Day of the Poor Mass, Pope Francis Says Take a Close Look at Most Vulnerable

In his homily at a Mass for the World Day of the Poor Nov. 14, the pontiff said that true Christian hope is not “the naive, even adolescent optimism of those who hope things may change” but is instead built daily through concrete gestures that manifest “the kingdom of love, justice and fraternity that Jesus inaugurated.”

Pope, President Biden Hold Unusually Long Meeting at Vatican

In one of his most keenly anticipated meetings since taking office in January, President Joe Biden met with Pope Francis at the Vatican Friday for a lengthy conversation that touched on a variety of issues of shared interest.

Francis-Biden Meeting Just Latest in Long History of Pope-U.S. President Encounters

Upon arriving in Rome to take part in this weekend’s G20 meeting, United States President Joe Biden will pay a visit to Pope Francis. They have met three times before, both in Rome and on American soil, but this will be the first time they share facetime since the U.S. elected its second Catholic president last November.

Controversy Surrounds Flag Confiscation in St. Peter’s Square

Many were shocked on Sunday when the Vatican police forced a group of 15 Cuban demonstrators to put down their Cuban flags at the Sunday Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. Although political manifestations have always been banned at the event, pilgrims often bring flags, hoping Pope Francis will make mention of their country.