Ed Wilkinson

Local Church Continues to Grow Through RCIA Program

The Easter Vigil service at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica, Sunset Park, will take a little longer than usual this year. In addition to the dramatic symbols of light and special readings that are used, 52 people will be baptized and an additional 25 will be receiving other first sacraments.

Nervous Immigrant Community Celebrates Year of the Rooster

Amid fears about the future of immigration policy in this country, a festive atmosphere still filled the streets of Sunset Park in honor of Lunar New Year last weekend. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio presided over a Chinese Mass in honor of the Year of the Rooster at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

Diocese Begins Study of Changes to RCIA Program

Over 200 participants from all parts of the diocese, despite the pouring rain, arrived at the first Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Conference of 2016, at the Immaculate Conception Pastoral Center, Douglaston, Oct. 22.

She Found a Home in Church Through RCIA

After the birth of her son and the loss of a close friend, Claudia O’Brien experienced a renewal of faith that has led her back to the Catholic Church.

Welcoming Our Newest Members

The Rite of Election, on the First Sunday of Lent, is a highlight of the Liturgical Year. On that day, those who are to be baptized at Easter, those who are to make a Profession of Faith in the Catholic Church, and those who are to complete the sacraments of initiation of communion and confirmation come together in ceremony. Here they are inscribed in the Book of Election, signifying that they have been chosen worthy to be admitted to the sacraments at the Easter Vigil.

Ed Wilkinson

Easter Vigil Is Special – Not to Be Missed

The Easter Vigil service is the most dramatic liturgy of the Chuch calendar. It begins with the church in complete darkness. And then a single flame atop the Paschal Candle pierces the darkness, a symbol of the Light of Jesus Christ Risen from the dead. Light overcomes the dark. Good prevails over evil. Sight where there was blindness.

Palm Sunday Mass at Vatican

Tens of Thousands Will Join Church This Easter

By Kristi Anderson ST. CLOUD, Minn. (CNS) – Who was Jesus? Why do we need a pope? How were we made by God? All of these are good questions that anyone considering becoming Catholic might ask. But the questions are even more poignant when they come from a young man who grew up in a […]

RCIA 2015 Diocese of Brooklyn

Almost 1,100 Prepare to Enter Church at Easter

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio conducted the Rite of Election, welcoming almost 1,100 new members of the Catholic Church, at the former Bishop Ford H.S., Park Slope, on Sunday, Feb. 22. During the ceremony, which was held in two sessions, the bishop personally greeted each catechumen or candidate for the sacraments and the community pledged to support […]

More and More People Are Joining the Church

While Christians around the world continue to face persecution for their faith, large numbers of Americans continue to flock to the Catholic Church.

This Easter, parishes in Brooklyn and Queens will welcome almost 1,100 new members to their congregations. These men and women who wish to join the Church have been preparing with weekly lessons for the past several months through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults program.