Italian Bishop Breaks Ranks to Publicly Challenge Coronavirus Restrictions

Dating back to March 8, when the bishops’ conference announced the suspension of all public Masses in keeping with government measures to combat the coronavirus, Italy’s ecclesiastical lockdown is the longest-running in the world, and to date support at the leadership level has been remarkably compact.

COVID-19 Lockdown Not a Threat to Religious Liberty, Archbishop Says

No U.S. Catholic bishop has been associated more closely with religious liberty than Archbishop William Lori and he has a message for Catholics who think the current suspension of the sacraments due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a violation of religious liberty: It’s not – and to argue otherwise puts lives at risk.

The ‘Mass’ Appeal of Livestreaming

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Diocese of Brooklyn to come up with interesting and creative ways for church pastors and parishioners to stay in touch. With no public celebrations of the Eucharist taking place, parishes are employing a 21st Century solution to the sense of isolation brought about by social distancing.

States Doing Best to Calm ‘Mass’ Hysteria

Catholic bishops across the United States have banned public Masses and opted for a virtual celebration of the sacraments as the nation continues to be roiled from the COVID-19 pandemic, but throughout the country, governors are issuing mixed guidelines on policies for houses of worship.

Mass Disappointment: Services Canceled

At Holy Family Church in Fresh Meadows, Queens, nearly 70 parishioners worshiped at the March 15 noon Mass, which is about half the normal attendance. In a sense, it was a regular Sunday Mass, but it was also unusual.