Religion and Environment

Dear Editor: It seems more political than common sense to oppose the Keystone Pipeline. Sorry to say this in a Catholic publication, but Dennis Sadowski’s (March 7) writing promotes opposition and at the same time lauds Obama. Nothing was brought out that possibly Obama is only concerned about his and his party’s political control of […]

Catholic Leaders Oppose Keystone Pipeline

Catholic organizations welcomed President Barack Obama’s Feb. 24 veto of a bill approving an oil pipeline through the country’s midsection, saying that it allows more opportunity to consider moral questions about the environment and climate change.

A Growing Threat

More and more, the media are waking up to the harsh reality that the Islamic State is a clear danger to all people in the Western world, and to Christians in particular. Following the beheading of the 21 martyrs of the Coptic Church came the news that these terrorists had abducted over 220 Assyrian Christians.

Obama Threatens Veto of Pro-Life Legislation

After members of the U.S. House scuttled plans Jan. 22 to vote on a measure to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks, they passed a bill to restrict taxpayer funding of abortion.

Problem With Obama’s Order

Dear Editor: With regard to President Obama’s immigration executive order, I think that there are serious moral concerns to be considered. Some church leaders seemed to have embraced this new policy as a good thing. However, important questions must be answered. Mr. Obama has violated the U.S. Constitution by denying religious liberty to the Catholic […]

Vatican Played Key Role in Mending US-Cuban Relations

By Patricia Zapor WASHINGTON (CNS) – A not-insignificant part of the diplomatic coup pulled off by the White House and Cuban leaders Dec. 17 was that hardly anyone knew they had been working toward a reset in relations between the two neighbors and long-time antagonists. That the two nations had been negotiating in secret for […]

Politics Motivated Amnesty

Dear Editor: I was disgusted by President Obama’s effort to grant amnesty to five million undocumented immigrants. These five million will be almost certainly supporting the Democrats and their causes and organizations. I hope the Republican-controlled Congress fights Obama every step of the way. Sen. Ted Cruz is correct! No amnesty! Obey the Constitution! Americans […]

Catholic Groups Support Obama’s Immigration Order

WASHINGTON (CNS) – President Barack Obama’s package of actions affecting millions of people without legal immigration status received support from Catholic organizations, labor unions and immigration advocates even as critics contended that the steps he announced violated the Constitution. Advocates for the immigrant community, including national and international church agencies, continued their call for Congress […]