Faith Against Fear: Priest Offers Advice

At a time when our lives are looking more and more like a Google calendar packed with live streamed Masses, online classes and work from home, stresses — and separation anxiety — are at an all-time high.

A New Perspective on The Power of Prayer

by Antonina Zielinska

BEING A TEENAGER in New York City was a treasure like no other. During my coming of age years, I had friends from all corners of the earth, practicing different religions and holding vastly different understandings of the world.

Nothing Unifies Our Life Like Prayer

Seventh in a series

IN ONE WAY or another people try to put unity and order into their lives. Peter Berger, in his excellent book, “A Rumor of Angels,” argues that human beings’ propensity for order is a “hint” that we are imitating a Creator Who has brought into existence an ordered universe. Life without order and purpose would be chaotic.

Are You Doing Your Best?

As Catholics, we have been entrusted with very much. We have been given the gift of faith by the Lord Jesus Christ and the consolation of the Truth by the Holy Spirit. By the will and love of God the Father, we live and have our being. A question, then: What are we doing with what we have been given?

National Day of Prayer Observed in Brooklyn

As the country marked the 65th anniversary of the National Day of Prayer, Brooklynites drew closer to God and to each other at prayer services sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio attended an interdenominational service in East New York.

Effie Caldarola

Pray Your Way Through the Year

Pray first and ask what God wants of you. Then write down some goals. Don’t get too specific because as you pray your way through the year, God may help you define or refine your goals.

Petitions Welcomed at Diocesan Prayer Site

A new Internet portal seeks to build a community of prayer by encouraging people to share their prayer intentions with local religious and pray for one another online. Prayer intentions can be submitted on the diocesan website by going to:

Two Votes for Prayer

Dear Editor: It is difficult to understand why someone could suggest that prayer “may be a wasted effort,” but Garrett Dempsey (Reader’s Forum, June 13) seems to echo some of the assumptions that secularists hold about Catholicism.