Pope Touched All Bases in Chile, Peru

Pope Francis tackled politically charged issues during his weeklong visit to Chile and Peru, decrying human trafficking, environmental destruction, corruption and organized crime in speeches before audiences that included political leaders.

NET-TV Treated Us to Sights And Sounds of Papal Trip

I hope you had a chance to watch NET-TV’s coverage of the papal trip to Chile and Peru. I was happy to be one of the guest commentators during the six days of following Pope Francis’ every move and word in South America.

In-Flight Nuptials: Pope Didn’t Glide Over Church Requirements

Pope Francis’ decision to convalidate the marriage of two flight attendants in the air sent waves of turbulence through the Catholic blogosphere, where respected canon lawyers and pastors raised serious questions about the pope sending a message that marriage wasn’t so serious.

Pope Francis Defends Airborne Wedding, Insisting the Couple Was Ready

Pope Francis has defended his decision to perform an airborne wedding while flying over Chile, saying the two flight attendants were properly prepared for the sacrament and that refusing them might have meant they would never get around to being married in the Church.

Pope Francis’ Final Greeting in Peru

Dear Peruvian brothers and sisters, you have so many reasons for hope. I have seen this and have “touched” it in these days. Protect your hope. There is no better way to protect your hope than to remain united, so that these reasons for hope may grow day by day in your hearts.

Pope Tells 1.3 Million in Peru to Get Involved, Spurn ‘Jonah Syndrome’

Pope Francis is widely seen as a reformer, a leader shaking things up in the Church he leads, but sometimes he seems so fast and furious about it, it’s hard to know precisely what sort of reform he wants. In what amounted to his farewell address to his own flock in Peru on Sunday, Pope Francis boiled it down to the basics: More than anything else, he wants a Church that’s “involved.”