Papal Visit Brought Much-Needed Lift to Suffering African Nations

As Pope Francis is back in Rome and his fifth trip to Africa is now in the rearview mirror, there is much talk about what impact his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan will have and whether any real change will result. 

Pope Urges Congo Catholics to Press Beyond Ethnic, Regional Divides

On his second day in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pope Francis told Catholics to go beyond ethnic and regional divides in fostering peace, stressing forgiveness and conversion to overcome the violence and divisions currently tearing apart the country with Africa’s largest Catholic population.

Pope Calls on Mauritius to Welcome and Protect Migrants

During the eight hours Pope Francis spent in Mauritius, a multiethnic island nation in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa, he urged the inhabitants to remember their immigrant roots and to integrate those who are arriving as they were welcomed by their ancestors.

Pope shares stage with fellow Argentine who insists ‘poverty is not fate’

The great majority of those who packed the small sports stadium Sunday were children who live in the 5,000 homes built by Opeka and his foundation. Some 15,000 children a year receive a free education that runs from kindergarten to university. The kids waited for hours for Francis to arrive, singing songs and cheering whenever Opeka spoke to them in Malagasi, the local language.