A ‘Mass’ Wedding In South Ozone Park

This past winter, Matilde passed away on a trip to Peru, the family’s native country. The children had her body brought back to White Plains, N.Y., where they live, for the funeral. One day, while praying with the family, their cousin-in-law Manuel Mendoza felt the Holy Spirit nudge him to invite the siblings who had been married civilly back to the faith.

In Chile and Peru, Pope Faces Complex Politics

When it comes to papal travel, more often than not, the news lies in the “what” of the trip: what message the pope wants to give a particular country, or even a continent, once he gets there. Other times, however, the news is in the “where,” meaning the message comes across loud and clear well before the pontiff actually arrives.

Peruvian Feast In Woodside

Peruvian Catholics celebrated the Lord of Miracles with a Mass and street procession at St. Sebastian’s, Woodside. Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros was the main celebrant.

Water Theme Will Run Through Encyclical

Of all the injustices Pope Francis could address in the June 18 encyclical on ecology and climate, lack of access to clean water is emblematic.