Israel-Hamas Truce Has Been Extended by Two Days; More Hostages Scheduled to be Released

Qatar’s foreign affairs ministry said Nov. 27 that an agreement has been reached to extend the Israel-Hamas truce for another two days. The announcement was made by a ministry’s spokesperson on X on the final day of a four-day cease-fire in which hostages abducted by Hamas in October have been released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

Egypt’s Churches Praying for Holy Land Peace

These words of a Christian hymn filled churches in Egypt last week as a security situation has been boiling in the Middle East since the Israel-Hamas war erupted on Oct. 7, when Hamas, the Islamic movement that rules the Gaza Strip, stormed nearby Israeli towns, killing more than 1,400 and abducting hundreds. 

Israel-Hamas War Sparks Antisemitism On Campuses

The Israel-Hamas war has led to a shocking rise of antisemitism on college campuses across the country, according to concerned advocates and students, who said the situation is growing more dangerous by the day. 

Gaza Pastor: Pray for Peace, Hostage Release, and Aid

As the Israel-Hamas war nears its fourth week, the pastor of Gaza’s only Catholic church urged prayers for peace, the release of hostages and delivery of humanitarian aid, telling OSV News his parishioners are experiencing “a terrible situation, a crazy situation.”

Women Religious to Biden Administration: Call for a Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas War

WASHINGTON — Several congregations of women religious and some Catholic organizations are urging the Biden administration “to be an agent for peace and call for a humanitarian ceasefire” in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.  In an Oct. 20 statement, the group condemned actions of both sides, from the deadly Oct. 7 attacks of and hostage taking […]

Jewish Long Islander Leaves Home to Help Defend Israel

A soldier and a devout worshipper stand side by side, encompassed in a golden hue, in a painting on the dining room wall in the home of Jonathan and Alissa Nierenberg. It was a gift from their son,  Noah, who told them the image symbolized his Jewish faith and his willingness to defend Israel.