Pair of TMLA Grads All the Buzz

Doing what you love in the comfort of your home is one thing, but doing it in a national talent show competition elevates that passion to a whole new level. The Northwell Health Nurse Choir, made up of 18 local frontline nurses, knows that feeling extremely well after singing a mash-up of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” and Ben King’s “Stand by Me” and receiving the highly desired Golden Buzzer on this season of America’s Got Talent.

Travel Nurse Recalls Impact Fighting COVID-19 in NYC had on her Career

 Since the Department of Health and Human Services allowed medical professionals to travel across state lines to help patients affected by the pandemic back in March, there have been roughly 4,000 travel nurses sent to New York. Janelle Orbon, a critical care nurse from Denver, is one of the many out-of-town nurses saving lives in New York. 

Hero Nurse Saves Three Newborns During Beirut Blast

When the explosion occurred, Pamela Zeinoun was on her daily shift at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, known as Al Roum Hospital, in the Ashrafia district close to Beirut’s ground zero.