Human Composting Is Now Legal in New York State

Natural Organic Reduction (NOR), also called “human composting,” is now legal New York State. Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill on Dec. 30 which lets NOR facilities operate as cemetery corporations in the state.

NY’s Human Composting Bill Remains Grave Concern

The New York State Catholic Conference is urging Gov. Kathy Hochul to veto the bill that would legalize “green” burial processes that involve natural decomposition with other organic materials to convert the body into dirt.


New York, California Pro-Lifers Push Abortion Alternatives to Help Women

California and New York Catholic conference leaders are emphasizing the need for pro-life advocates to redouble their efforts to advocate for abortion alternatives and walk with pregnant women after politicians in those states announced plans to expand abortion access.

New York Bishops’ Group Urges State Representatives to Support Hyde Amendment Renewal

The New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the bishops of New York in public policy matters, sent a letter to the state’s congressional delegation urging them “to reject taxpayer funding of abortion, and to oppose appropriations bills that do not include the long-standing, bipartisan Hyde Amendment and related pro-life policies.”