Sister Margaret Ann (Peggy) Smith, S.S.N.D.

Sister Margaret Ann (Peggy) Smith, S.S.N.D., 82, a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame for 66 years, died Sept. 19 at Villa Notre Dame in Wilton, Conn.

Healthy Living Is Key to Better Memory

I have been getting forgetful lately. This past week, I went to the supermarket and couldn’t remember what I was supposed to buy for a few minutes. I sometimes forget my neighbor’s name. It doesn’t interfere with my life that much, but it’s annoying.   I went to my doctor who told me I don’t […]

Tremor Is Not Always Parkinson’s Disease

Dear Dr. Garner, I am very worried that I have Parkinson’s disease. My hands are shaking all the time, and it’s getting me more and more nervous. My aunt had Parkinson’s disease and ended up in a nursing home. I went to the doctor, and he told me I have something called essential tremor. Is […]

Don’t Skip PSAs and Breast Exams

Dear Dr. Garner My husband and I are totally confused with the changes in when to get mammograms and PSAs. We have been diligent about the tests, but now hear they’re no longer recommended.  What is your opinion? Confused Couple In Canarsie Dear Confused, You are not the only ones confused. Many doctors feel the same […]

The Breakdown on Osteoporosis

I am a healthy 65-year-old man or at least I thought so. About the only health issue anyone could accuse me of was being a little underweight. While crossing 86th St. last week, I felt a twinge of pain in my back. It persisted for three days before I visited my doctor. He took an […]

Treatments Are Not In Vain

Dear Dr. Garner,  My wife and I recently went on a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, after the long flight there, I spent my vacation in the hospital with something known as deep vein thrombosis. What is this and how I can ensure this doesn’t happen again? Worried in Williamsburg Dear Worried, For those who don’t […]

Consume Fish Dishes In Moderation

Dear Dr. Garner, I really enjoy fish, particularly sushi. It’s one of my summer dinner staples since I don’t like to cook when the temperature rises. However, I’m concerned about mercury poisoning. What is your advice for people who love fish, but don’t want to consume too much mercury? What are some of the symptoms […]