Affordable Housing Advocates Fret Over Proposed Stabilized Rent Hike

New York City’s Rent Guidelines Board will vote June 21 on the biggest hikes for stabilized rent rates in nearly 10 years. Landowners say they need the hikes to keep pace with inflation. Tenants, meanwhile, assail the idea, adding that inflation is what keeps them from paying more on rent.

Landlords Can Still Petition for Evictions Despite Moratorium 

Only a judge can order evictions, which are banned until Dec. 31 through a federal order approved earlier this month. But the ban doesn’t prevent a landlord from filing eviction lawsuits, which gets their cases on the record. Still, landlords will be in for a long wait. The New York City housing court has 14,000 backlogged cases filed before the COVID-19 lockdowns began in mid-March.