Catholic High School More Diverse Than Elite Public Schools

At a time when racial diversity at New York City’s elite public high schools is scarce, officials at St. Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows consider their school to be a melting pot where respect for all races and ethnicities is a hallmark.

Catholic Schools Gain on Public Schools Losses

New York City public schools are seeing a precipitous drop in enrollment as parents — turned off by academic shortcomings, safety concerns and an emerging emphasis on “wokeness” — are voting with their feet.

Catholic School Reveals Secret to Keeping Teachers

While the Diocese of Brooklyn does not keep statistics on teacher retention rates, there is anecdotal evidence that Catholic schools in the diocese have teachers boasting decades of experience, which translates into low attrition rates. That’s not the case everywhere.

Supporters Rally for Columbus Day

With chants of “Keep Columbus Day,” dozens of activists gathered at a Columbus Circle rally on May 12 to denounce the city Department of Education’s (DOE) decision to remove Columbus Day from the school calendar.

Dept. of Education’s Removal of Columbus Day Sparks Outrage

In a move that caused heads to spin, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) eliminated Columbus Day from its list of official school holidays, replaced it with Indigenous People’s Day, and then abruptly changed course again when faced with a backlash.