Don’t Forget the Choir Members

Dear Editor: I’m a parishioner of St. Brendan’s Church in Midwood, Brooklyn, and it has been wonderful reading about the great homilists from various churches in our diocese. But how about our fantastic choirs that lead us in song every Sunday!

Enthusiastic Evangelization

Dear Editor: After First Communion Mass at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Brooklyn Heights, the pastor, Father Edward Doran, challenged us to be fruitful vines (following the papal directive about no boring homilies!), read up about our church, take a Tablet home and read it!

Pope’s Advice on Homilies

Dear Editor: Reading the article (May 2) about the Holy Father exhorting new priests to avoid “boring homilies” made me think about my experience sitting in the pews during my lifetime.

Two More Favorite Homilists

Dear Editor: I have enjoyed reading about the true impressions and affection that Massgoers have for the varied priests and deacons who give homilies in our diocese.

More Wonderful Homilists

Dear Editor: We are blessed at St. Patrick’s, Bay Ridge. All of our priests are great, but Msgr. Michael Hardiman and the newly ordained young priest Father Greg McIlhenney give wonderful sermons. A joy to listen to them.

More About Our Homilists

Dear Editor: I am proud to submit Msgr. Thomas Caserta, pastor of St. Bernadette parish, as a great homilist. Msgr. Caserta is an eloquent speaker. His homilies are beautiful and meaningful. He speaks right to your heart in a positive, wonderful way.

More Favorite Homilists

These letters are part of an ongoing discussion that began with an editorial, “Need for Good Homilies,” published in the Feb. 7 issue. You can find the complete archive here. Dear Editor: The late Father Andrew Greely once commented that the sign of a good liturgy could be judged by the expression on the people’s faces […]

Great Homilists Continued

Dear Editor: I am a parishioner at Blessed Trinity in Breezy Point. All three of our priests are excellent homilists but I would like to recognize and give credit to Jim Ruoff, one of our deacons.

He is concise, clear and to the point. He gives background and often touches on all of the day’s readings to connect them and show their relevance to our lives as we live them.

More Wonderful Homilists

Dear Editor: Father Michael Carrano of Our Lady of Hope Church, Middle Village, gives the best homilies. They are brief, to the point and articulate. He gets the message across and one never forgets what was said.