California’s Rising Assisted Suicide Rate Alarms Catholics

When California in 2021 relaxed its physician-assisted death rules — easing access to the lethal means for residents to take their own lives — several lawmakers behind the change cited a desire to aid the terminally ill, invoking a sort of legislative altruism.

Bishop Paprocki Challenges Morality of Government Lockdowns

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, has suggested that some government-ordered shutting down of nonessential businesses can stunt the economy. But, he added, the more significant concern is shutting down churches, which impedes the nurturing of spirituality among people who seek communion with God.

Threats to Dignity, Sanctity of Life Seen Advancing at ‘Breakneck Speed’

A globetrotting warrior for life and human dignity has taken up a new gauntlet as president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, where he will use his global expertise and Catholic bioethics education to defend against what he termed life-degrading “science fictions” that are becoming reality.