‘Cabrini’ Shows Patron Saint of Immigrants Living ‘Life in Hope’

Mention the word “masterpiece” and one could get eyed for exaggeration, yet one group of filmmakers believe they hit the mark with their biopic about Francesca Xavier Cabrini, patron saint of immigrants.  “Cabrini,” distributed by Angel Studios, opens in theaters on March 8, International Women’s Day. 

Playwright With MS Finds Inspiration in Mother Cabrini’s Life Story

“Happening Woman,” a musical based on the life and times of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, better known as Mother Cabrini, the beloved patron saint of immigrants, is being staged Nov. 13 and 14 in the auditorium of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Forest Hills. 

Mother Cabrini Monument Procession Is A Victory Lap For Her Devotees

A few hundred Catholics from all over the Diocese of Brooklyn marched through Carroll Gardens Sunday, Oct. 3, expressing their devotion to the patron saint of immigrants, Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini. She began her U.S. ministry in that neighborhood more than 130 years ago.

Cabrini Shrine Celebrates Patron Saint’s Anniversaries

Following the unveilings of two larger-than-life statues of Mother Cabrini in Manhattan and Brooklyn (in October 2020 and June 2021 respectively), the St. Frances Cabrini Shrine decided to commemorate two other significant moments in the saint’s life. On July 17, the community celebrated Mother Cabrini’s belated 171st birthday (July 15) and the 75th anniversary of her canonization.

Statue a Lasting Tribute To Cabrini’s Legacy

While we may never know the reason, I know that Mother Cabrini would seek understanding and hope that the new Diocese of Brooklyn monument and all of the other honors bring more of us together to know the motivation for her life’s work, Jesus.

New Mother Cabrini Statue Stands Proud and Tall Outside Brooklyn Parish Where She Served

It was a long time coming for the Diocese of Brooklyn to have its own Mother Cabrini statue, but the faithful finally got to see the final figure. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio unveiled and blessed the statue and shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini — also known as Mother Cabrini — outside her Brooklyn parish, Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen Church on June 11.