Pope Appeals Heart, Soul In Mexico

Austen Ivereigh discusses how Pope Francis has spent his Feb. 12-17 visit seeking to bolster the Church for mission, while urging Mexicans to seek solutions to their many challenges by drinking deep from the wells of their own traditions.

Mexican Nun Wins Human Rights Award

Sister Consuelo Morales, a member of the Congregation of Our Lady: Canonesses of St. Augustine, has advocated for and accompanied families whose loved ones disappeared in violence or problematic security crackdowns.

Say It Isn’t So, Donald

The comments of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, concerning Mexican people, do not gel with the experience of so many in our beloved country and in our churches in Brooklyn and Queens. One at first simply hoped that Trump was being misquoted, merely having his words being taken out of context. But this clearly was not the case. One then hoped that Trump, ever the showman, was simply engaging in negative rhetoric and would eventually draw out something positive from his comments. He did not.