Major Fentanyl Busts Reveal Growing Crisis in New York

Every three hours, someone dies of a drug overdose in New York City, and fentanyl is a factor in 81% of all those overdoses. Two recent drug busts illustrate the depth of the crisis and what law enforcement faces in trying to combat the scourge.

SI Pizzeria Owner Says Feeding Migrants is What the Lord Calls Him to Do

Like many new restaurant owners, Sebastian Bongiovanni proudly displays $20 bills signed by customers wishing him good luck with his eatery, Verde’s Pizza and Pasta on Victory Boulevard. But Bongiovanni has something else on his wall — something you don’t usually see.

Affordable Housing Advocates Fret Over Proposed Stabilized Rent Hike

New York City’s Rent Guidelines Board will vote June 21 on the biggest hikes for stabilized rent rates in nearly 10 years. Landowners say they need the hikes to keep pace with inflation. Tenants, meanwhile, assail the idea, adding that inflation is what keeps them from paying more on rent.

Police Identify Man Wanted in Fatal Subway Shooting

A man who shot and killed Daniel Enriquez, 48, on a Q train in Lower Manhattan on Sunday, May 22 was still at large after what appeared to be a random act of violence, according to authorities. It was the fourth subway homicide since Jan. 1.