Mary in Our Secular World

The month of May has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary for centuries – so long, in fact, that the precise origin of this Catholic devotion is lost in the mists of time.

Moises Sandoval

A Month for Mothers

May is when we honor the women in our lives. For me, that it is when I most marvel at my mother. She taught me to work hard, fulfill commitments, be dependable and make sacrifices. But the most important gift she gave me was a strong foundation in faith.

Effie Caldarola

Looking for This Mysterious Woman

I’ve evolved through various stages of Marian devotion in my life. … Nevertheless, even today I struggle to know her.

Carolyn Woo

Lessons From Mary

Since Pope Francis spoke of “feminine genius,” I get questions periodically as to what it possibly means. I could not speak for the pope. I could only reach for my own answers, which come into view through the people I associate with his description.