Father Edward Mason

Doing Justice to Cuomo’s Catholic Faith

The discussion of Mario Cuomo and his Catholic faith often revolves around his speech at Notre Dame University. I feel this is most unfortunate and does not do him or his Catholicity justice.

Challenging Cuomo

Dear Editor: Only those who desire to be misled would believe that Mario Cuomo was ever “personally opposed” to abortion. Never once did Mario Cuomo say that abortion was evil, intrinsically or otherwise. Never once did he say – as the bishops had, as he himself could have said – that opposition to abortion as a matter […]

Differing on Cuomo

Dear Editor: I have always looked forward to reading Father John Cush’s columns and he has my utmost respect but this week’s Up Front & Personal (Jan. 10) left me stunned. Why did Father Cush quote Christopher Hale from the dissident group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a notorious pro-abortion Democrat Catholic front group […]

Father John Cush

Cuomo’s Conflict With Church Teaching

By Father John Cush On Jan. 1, a few hours after the inauguration of his son, Andrew, in his second term of Governor of the State of New York, former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo passed away. This son of Queens, was educated locally at St. John’s Prep High School in Brooklyn and St. […]

Mario Cuomo

Cuomo Had Complicated Relationship With Church

While many tributes to Mario Cuomo cited his 1984 speech at the Democratic National Convention, it was a different speech the same year that defined his political legacy for many Catholics.

Cuomo’s Catholic Problem

Dear Editor: Mario Cuomo, despite his immigrant parent upbringing in Queens and his overwhelming education at Catholic schools and then St. John’s University and St. John’s Law School, where his pictures are hung on every available wall, he chose the Ultra-Liberal Democratic Party above his religious directives. I, by all means, cannot sit in judgment […]

The Cuomo Dilemma

This past Tuesday New Yorkers said farewell to Governor Mario Cuomo. Thrice elected Governor of New York Mario Cuomo was a complicated man. To some, he was a hero and to others, a villain. According to his own testimony, his Roman Catholic faith left a profound mark on his thinking and the way he lived […]