We Need to Build a Society in Which Abortion is Unthinkable

It is a great year to be celebrating, but we also recognize that we have an awful lot of work to do. Part of the problem for us is we need to change the law. Legal victories and political victories only go so far. What we really need to do, and what we’ve been working at, is to transform the culture. Change hearts and minds. 

Diocesan Youth March as ‘Soldiers of Christ’ in Pro-Life Fight

Brian Morel’s reason for participating in the 2023 March for Life is simple and likely no different than it would’ve been if the Supreme Court hadn’t overturned Roe v. Wade this past summer: “to defend life in its most innocent form, which is in the womb.” 

Pope Prays God Will Strengthen Commitment to Defending All Human Life

As the Biden administration and state governments look at ways to expand or restrict access to abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, Pope Francis prayed that God would strengthen people’s commitment to protecting human life at every stage.