Catholic Relief Services Works to Aid Farmers in Madagascar

An aerial image of Grimaud’s home in southeastern Madagascar shows three frail single room homes on a small plot of land surrounded by dense forest. Grimaud, a farmer, supports five children through a handful of products that earn him a nominal wage.

Millions Flock to See Pope Francis in Southern Africa

During his Sept. 4-10 visit to the 3 M’s of the Indian Ocean — Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius — Pope Francis saw firsthand three nations full of inequalities: the first two, marred by violence and poverty, and the third, considered the most developed country in Africa.

Pope shares stage with fellow Argentine who insists ‘poverty is not fate’

The great majority of those who packed the small sports stadium Sunday were children who live in the 5,000 homes built by Opeka and his foundation. Some 15,000 children a year receive a free education that runs from kindergarten to university. The kids waited for hours for Francis to arrive, singing songs and cheering whenever Opeka spoke to them in Malagasi, the local language.

Pope Heads to ‘Three M’s’ of the Indian Ocean, Seeking Peace and Reconciliation

Pope Francis’s return to sub-Saharan Africa begins in Mozambique, a nation which, according to the United Nations, ranks among the world’s poorest and least developed despite being rich in natural resources. Locals hope Francis’s visit inspires “Hope, Peace and Reconciliation,” as the country is still feeling the effects of a bloody civil war from 1977 to 1992.