Environmental Priorities

Dear Editor: The past month’s onslaught of I’m-a-Republican-so-I-despise-environmentalism letters have been as embarrassing to Catholic morality as they are ironic that these people use the term “conservative.” Recent ones have used logic so twisted that Keystone development is a solution to save “society’s soul” and cure our “love of greed, lust and power”.

Benefit of Earth’s Riches

Dear Editor: The completion of the Keystone Pipeline is necessary not only for economics but national security as well. Jobs will be created not only on the construction side, but as the price of fuel is kept lower, middle-class citizens can keep, spend and invest savings in other fields boosting the economy as a whole which will put people to work.

Pipeline Debate Continues

Dear Editor: I must take issue with Rosa Cerrato’s comments (March 21) that opposition to the Keystone Pipeline “is based on environmental studies that do not report the whole truth” and with The New York Times’ published study “stating the pipeline will not damage the environment.”

Religion and Environment

Dear Editor: It seems more political than common sense to oppose the Keystone Pipeline. Sorry to say this in a Catholic publication, but Dennis Sadowski’s (March 7) writing promotes opposition and at the same time lauds Obama. Nothing was brought out that possibly Obama is only concerned about his and his party’s political control of […]

Religion and Environment

Dear Editor: Just a thought… The Catholic environmentalists (“Catholic Leaders Oppose Keystone Pipeline” March 7) owe it to themselves and to us to delve further into the Keystone XL pipeline controversy.

Catholic Leaders Oppose Keystone Pipeline

Catholic organizations welcomed President Barack Obama’s Feb. 24 veto of a bill approving an oil pipeline through the country’s midsection, saying that it allows more opportunity to consider moral questions about the environment and climate change.