Loughlin’s Contribution

Dear Editor: I was so happy to read that a play (Dec. 23-30) about our first Bishop, John Loughlin (1817-1891), is touring our parishes. It’s great to see the “good old man” (as his priests called him) getting his due. Bishop Loughlin deserves a lot more attention than historians have given him, so it’s good to see a playwright recognizing this.

Brooklyn’s First Five Bishops Now Together in Douglaston Crypt

The earthly remains of Brooklyn’s first three bishops are back in the Brooklyn Diocese after resting in the neighboring Diocese of Rockville Centre for the past 59 years. The coffins of Bishops John Loughlin, Charles E. McDonnell and Archbishop Thomas E. Molloy were removed from the crypt at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Huntington, L.I., and brought to their new resting place at Immaculate Conception Pastoral Center, Douglaston, on Aug. 3.

B’klyn’s Second Bishop Kept Building Diocese

Last week, I told you about the first Bishop of Brooklyn as his remains were brought back to the diocese. Along with Bishop John Loughlin, the diocese’s second bishop, Charles E. McDonnell, was also moved to the bishops’ crypt in Douglaston.

B’klyn’s First Bishop Quietly Built Diocese

The diocese’s first three bishops – John Loughlin, Charles E. McDonnell, and Thomas E. Molloy – returned home this past week. Their mortal remains were moved Aug. 3 from their resting places at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, L.I., to the bishops’ crypt in Immaculate Conception Pastoral Center, Douglaston.