Israel Signs Diplomatic Pacts With Two Arab States at White House

On Sept. 15 at the White House, Israel signed diplomatic pacts to normalize relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. While specific details of the pacts are not yet public, the three countries will open embassies and establish economic ties including tourism, technology, and energy.

Palestinians Say Trump Peace Plan Does Not Bode Well For the Future

Among other aspects of the plan announced Jan. 28, Trump proposed the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements, creating Israeli enclave communities in the heart of the West Bank while promising the possibility of a future independent Palestinian state under certain conditions.

Malliotakis Decries Persecution Against Christians in Holy Land

Staten Island state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who was the GOP’s mayoral candidate in 2017, spoke out against persecution against Christians in the Middle East after she returned from a trip to the Holy Land and learned about the situation there firsthand.

Former Jerusalem Patriarch: Time to Move Away From War

A retired patriarch of Jerusalem called on both Israel and Palestine to “leave war.” He urged Israel specifically to move towards peace with the Palestinians, saying that the Palestinians wanted peace as well.

The Land of Israel

Dear Editor: Political propaganda should not be confused with the truths of the Bible which we all believe in. Rosemarie Pace may have a problem with saying that Bethlehem is part of Israel, but the Holy Scriptures make clear that Saul, David and Solomon were Kings of Israel. David was from Bethlehem which in Hebrew means City of Bread. That has been the city’s name from Biblical times. The Bible also makes clear God’s covenant with Abraham regarding the Land of Israel and its promise to his descendants