Taliban Erases Decades of Progress for Afghan Girls

Just as Afghani girls were ready to return to school for the first time in seven months on March 23, the Taliban — which seized ruling power in Afghanistan last summer — that morning reversed its decision to reopen girls’ secondary schools, citing a need for more time to draw up policies in line with the Islamic law Sharia.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Target Christians, Activists Charge

Shakeel Rafael’s brother is currently sitting in a jail cell in Pakistan awaiting trial on blasphemy charges. Nadeem Samson has been behind bars for three years and his family has asked the State Department to put pressure on the government of Pakistan to release him.


Pope Francis ‘Pained’ By Decision to Turn Hagia Sophia Into Mosque

After receiving sharp criticism in recent days for not speaking out about protests in Hong Kong and the recent decision to revert Turkey’s famed Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque, Pope Francis broke his silence on the latter July 12, calling himself “pained” by the decision.

Really?, Mr. President!

Last week, President Obama at the Presidential Prayer Breakfast said that Islam as a religion cannot be blamed for the terror perpetrated by ISIL. In his talk, he claimed that Christianity has a checkered past of committing violence in the name of religion.

In Turkey, Pope Visits ‘Invisible’ Christians

Ankara and Istanbul were gray and cold, at least compared to Rome, during Pope Francis’ Nov. 28-30 visit to Turkey. And the general reception, outside of the pope’s official meetings, was hardly warmer.

Islamic-Church Relations On Tap for Lecture Series

Brooklyn’s 12th Street Bar and Grill may not be the first place you think of when considering where to go for a discussion on Catholicism. But the Park Slope pub was the latest venue where the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Office of Faith Formation held a Theology on Tap event with a presentation on church history.