New Yorkers Rally Against Anti-Semitism

An estimated 25,000 New Yorkers took to the streets in a “Solidarity March” in protest of anti-Semitism on Jan. 5, among them Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who told the crowd “we are all brothers and sisters under the one God who made us.” 

Interreligious Dialogue With Edge and Purpose

THE EVENING OF Sept. 12, 2006, was, in a word, memorable. My wife and I were having dinner in Cracow with two of John Paul II’s oldest friends when my mobile phone rang and an agitated Italian journalist started hollering in my ear, “Have you zeen zees crazee speech zee Pope has given about zee Muslims? What do you zay about it?”

Pope in Azerbaijan: Respect Differences

Cooperation, peace and prosperity come when people hold fast to their cultural and religious identities without denigrating or trying to deny the rights and identities of others, Pope Francis said Oct. 2, the last day of his three-day trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Counter Terrorists’ Hatred With Education and Dialogue

Terrorists want to make peace-loving Christians and Muslims believe that it is impossible for them to live side by side; it is up to Christians and Muslims to prove them wrong, said French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran.