Syro-Malabar Community Honors Father of the Faith

Vibrantly colored umbrellas, women dressed in Indian garb and people radiating with the love of God could be seen and heard as a procession headed out of Guardian Angel Church onto Ocean Parkway July 1.

St. Alphonsa Caption Clarification

Dear Editor: I am a member of Our Lady of the Snows (OLS) parish for 22 years. I am also a leading member of the Indian Roman Catholic Community (Latin Rite) in the U.S. For the last three years, I worked with the pastors of OLS viz. Msgr. Raymond Chappetto (Bishop Chappetto) and Father Kevin McBrien, planning and conducting the feast of St. Alphonsa and have been proud to see that year after year the event has been attracting more and more Catholics from within and outside of the parish.