Churches Escape Fiona, But Some Canadian Farmers, Fishers Will Suffer

Damage inflicted to church properties throughout the Maritimes by post-tropical storm Fiona has yet to be tabulated, but it seems for the most part Catholic Church property escaped relatively unscathed after one of the strongest weather systems to ever hit Atlantic Canada.

PHOTOS: Hurricane Fiona’s Aftermath

The hurricane touched down in Puerto Rico Sept. 18, causing massive flooding, wind damage, power outages and the shutdown of water service across a large part of the island, affecting millions of residents.

Puerto Rico Devastated After Hurricane Fiona Hits

Watching the news and looking outside while sheltering at his parents’ home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Father Enrique Camacho can’t fathom how almost five years to the day of Hurricane Maria the island is once again devastated, this time courtesy of Hurricane Fiona.